Every session at CrossFit ISC is coach led. All our members receive a group personal training session each they step foot through our door. We coach, help, adapt, teach, correct, praise and critique within everyone of our sessions.

Our programme is structured in such a way that allows our coaches to individualise each session for each member. This means anyone of any ability will get the benefits of training at ISC.


Possibly our most popular class. CrossFit mixes resistance training with short sharp high-intensity work outs which provides possibly the best way to get fit and heathy and more importantly stay fit and healthy.

Through a variety of means including bodyweight, free weights, gymnastics and mobility training our CrossFit class gives our members everything they need to improve their strength, fitness, conditioning and health.

We end every session with our high intensity WOD (workout of the day) which guarantees to leave you feeling hot, bothered but more importantly better than when you walked in.

You’ll curse, moan and sometimes cry but what we can honestly say you will love it!

There is no better feeling than finishing a CrossFit class knowing you have overcome the daily challenge. Even more so being part of a supportive group of people along the way.

  • Constantly Varied
  • High Intensity
  • Functional Movement


Strength training classes essentially offers just that… Strength! We coach our members how to get strong, and with that healthier.

Strength training is becoming widely recognised as the go too method for improving overall health, it also creates a fantastic base to make the most of your ISC experience. All the other classes will incorporate aspects which are constantly touched on in these classes.

Our strength programmes are always progressive. This means you will always feel like you are working towards something, even if you don’t have a specific exercise goal in mind.

These classes are accessible to all due to their simple structure. So if you are ever having any apprehensions about trying ISC out, strength training is the perfect place to start

  • Enhance Strength
  • Develop Strength Training Techniques
  • Prevent Injuries


Olympic Lifting is becoming an increasingly popular training method and sport to take part in. These classes give members the opportunity to learn the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch lifts. Through exercise drills, technique and practice all attendees will not only learn the fundamental of both lifts but receive a fantastic workout in the process.

  • Learn Clean & Jerk and Snatch
  • Improve Technical Aspects
  • Create Strength & Speed


Our mobility sessions are aimed at improving flexibility and movement around the joint. Improving these aspects can help aid recovery as well as help achieve specific movements you may be asked to perform in our other classes. As with all of our coaching at ISC this sessions can be adapted and made specific for any individual, making it more than suitable for all ages and abilities. The sessions can be varied and may focus on one particular part of the body or a particular movement pattern, but any member attending can rest assured it will benefit them in the long run, whatever their goal. We feel this class is integral to CrossFit-ISC and could not recommend enough to all our members.

  • Flexibility & Movement
  • Individually Adaptable
  • Improve Squat, Deadlift & Lifting Technique


Competition training is an advanced CrossFit class. This sessions is run for members who want to develop their CrossFit specific skills and movements. This class also allows attendees to try CrossFit in a slightly more competitive environment, one that emulates CrossFit qualifiers and competitions.

  • Improve Competition Readiness
  • CrossFit Skills
  • Prepare For Competitions