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Jamie speaking about personal programme membership

” My wife and I came back from our honeymoon and decided that we wanted to find something we could do together to get back in to shape. I had done Crossfit with the ISC guys for a summer a few years earlier and remembered that Chris had a Personal Training side, so we originally geared up a program outside of a PP membership as it didn’t exist at the time. But to think that I now pay less than half the amount I was paying per month, for both of us to get the personalised training program and the option of any other classes that take our fancy at no extra cost is pretty amazing.

With only 3 of you in a PP session, the coach can really fine tune your technique and spend the time on areas that you struggle in or want to develop. For me, it was a weak lower back on deadlifts that really caused issues. There was clearly something fundamental that I needed to change and with Chris being able to give me that attention, and make the adjustments to my form, things really came together quickly. I’m now seeing the weight increase at a steady rate with no worries!

Fiona is only able to make 1 session per week due to other commitments, but the flexibility you get from the PP membership makes it so easy to chop and change, ensuring you get that session in. Often after a stressful day, the last thing you want to do is turn around and leave to go to the gym, but when you get home from a session having worked hard and maybe hit a PB, all the stress of your day has vanished.

I think it is down to that flexibility with PP, where if you’ve had a long day sat at a desk, you can spend that little more time stretching out the key areas before you get stuck in to the heavy stuff. Or if you are still suffering from a previous session, the program can adapt to suit those ailments while still meeting your objectives and targets.
The close attention and support of your PP, combined with the general atmosphere in the box from the group session running alongside you, makes it such a great environment to train in. We really are one big sweaty family!


We’ll be back with more from our wonderful members.

Team ISC.

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