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Jemma Talks About Her Experiences At ISC

My first experience of strength and conditioning training was through Personal Training sessions with one of the ISC coaches. I initially started with 1 PT session a week, which soon grew to regular class membership and the opportunity to develop my strength, fitness and technique.

When the Personal Programme (PP) membership was introduced last year, it made complete sense to sign up. It is cheaper than paying for individual PT sessions and unlimited class membership, and I have doubled the number of personal sessions I am doing each week. I can set my own goals and develop a programme with the help of the PP coaches that is realistic, progressive and tailored to my own areas for improvement. Mobility and flexibility can be a challenge for me and often limit my form and progression in classes. The coaches have designed my personal programmes to subtly incorporate movements to improve my mobility and thus my technique has improved over time.

One of the things I love about PP is training with others in a team environment, whilst following your own plan with a dedicated coach. The community vibe at ISC is awesome, and even on a PP session you still experience the atmosphere and social aspect of being in a class.